The fixed link between Scandinavia and Germany
Femern A/S has secured 18 apprentice years

Femern A/S has already secured apprenticeships equivalent to just over 18 apprentice years.

More young people have been able to obtain an apprenticeship and thus been able to further their training because of Femern A/S’ advance activities at Rødbyhavn over the past 18 months.

With the most recent contract – just signed with the contracting company Zacho-Lind A/S from Ishøj – Femern A/S has now generated total apprenticeships equivalent to 18 apprentice years.

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The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link
Femern A/S is tasked with designing and planning of a fixed link between Denmark and Germany across the Fehmarnbelt. Femern A/S is a subsidiary of the Danish, state-owned Sund & Bælt Holding A/S, which has experience from the construction of the fixed links across the Great Belt and the Øresund.
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